2013 Drive for 25 - Nordic Combined

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It's that time of year... Sun and summer activities slow and days shorten. Morning's air has a crisp feel as grass yellows and leaves ever so slightly start to turn color we start to have that innate feeling that every skier shares.  Excitement for the first frosts promise of winter and snow to play, ski, race and of course JUMP!  It's also time for D25. Through your love and support of Nordic Combined skiing we have created an avenue to ensure the opportunity for our elite athletes to continue building the legacy of results that we as a community have strived for.  We are one of the best Nordic Nations on the planet and with your help we can keep it that way.

  • What: American ski community,  fans, and enthusiasts supporting our nation’s developing Nordic Combined skiers on a single day.
  • When: Now through November 15th
  • Why: In spite of our Olympic medals and World Cup victories, as a nation our developing athletes struggle to afford the racing opportunities they require to compete among the best.
  • How: There are two ways.
    • 1) Become a Drive for 25 Ambassador. Create your own page and get at least 10 friends to agree to donate $25 by November 15th.
    • 2) Click the "Give Now" button and donate $25 by November 15th.
  • Who: You. The NNF is stepping up. The NNF depends on you.

*If you are having trouble donating through the "Give Now" button click here.


  • Funds raised by the Drive for 25- Nordic Combined will be distributed based on the funding priorities in the above diagram that have been
  • If you prefer, send a check to:

              National Nordic Foundation
              Nordic Combined
              PPO 772015
              Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

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