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Your supporters can easily personalize their page and tell their story by uploading photos, videos and text. By personalizing their fundraising page, supporters can drive donor engagement through the roof!


In just a couple clicks, your supporters can spread the word to thousands of people around the world without you having to spend a dime from your marketing budget. Let your supporters do the talking. Facebook, Twitter and email blasts are just a few ways supporters can talk about you.


This fully-integrated and seamless donation process makes giving incredibly simple. It is so easy, even grandma can do it!

Is your organization using GroupRev? If so, make sure you reach out to them and get the direct link to sign-up for their GroupRev campaign.
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Do you know of an organization that could boost their fundraising efforts by using GroupRev? We’d be happy to send them an introductory email about how it works, and how we might be able to help them raise awareness (and money) for their cause. Click here and we’ll email them.
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